Birch plywood of maidao industry

Last month, the general manager of company of sale after visited the market to understand, Jiangsu regional promotion of new products is good, this from around the store sales and customer traffic more visible.

Why wood furniture plate ready, because it solves the self-made veneer, furniture material selection, painting and other problems, and paint process is smooth, good gloss, adhesion performance stability, time saving and beautiful environment, without decoration panel.

In addition to wood furniture plate, it is understood, the store suit one's measures to local conditions, strengthen propaganda, guide for use, the purpose is to let new products to the fastest time, the best result, get the trust of consumers. The store every day into the store has risen by nearly 15% over the same period than to, consumers on the rabbit baby products are diverse needs.

Environmental protection products always favored. These new products have a common characteristic: environmental protection, many styles, close to the market, many dealers on the spot orders. From the beginning of last year, one step ahead, the township market, big promotion "healthy new residence engineering", based on the successful operation of a year, this year also developed a "new species gentle wood lacquer wood" series of products, for high-end customers R & D "entertainment Slovakia" vegetable gum, floor heating products; baby rabbit white latex and timely launch of the economy, environmental protection, products, product structure more perfect, consumer choice more widely.