Mdo plywood hot sale for 2017

Recently, the declaration by the Enterprise Research Institute of insect (moth) plywood project, successfully passed the provincial science and Technology Department of national torch plan project acceptance.

Establishment of Enterprise Research Institute, the company R & D strength to a new height, one more in social responsibility, responsibility for the industry platform. Since the establishment, Research Institute for low carbon environmental protection as the main line, with industrial policy oriented, take the market demand as the center, the wood processing industry in safety, health, energy saving, high value-added areas of technological progress.

In recent years, as consumers of higher furniture, interior decoration materials and products, formaldehyde releases a quantity can be effectively controlled, become the key of testing the quality of the products. At the same time, in the face of frequently insects harm family decoration plate phenomenon, company size up the situation, understand that prevention of termites, beetles and environment-friendly interior decorative material is very important, so the insect (moth) plywood, R & D, promotion project, results in four steps.

The company's technical staff found in many experiments, the pyrethroid insecticide as active ingredients, sustained, long-term, low toxicity, good killing effect, can effectively solve the people home decoration materials, wooden furniture and other insect infestations. The research and development of products, saving wood resources, extend the service life of the plate, the protection of the ecological environment, too. At the same time, from the preparation to the R & D to normal production, sales, research institute has built a high-quality core R & D team, upgrade to better serve the industry low carbon green building and the transformation of the company.

Reportedly, the project has been widely used in home furnishing decoration, hospital, ships, combined with formaldehyde-free environmental protection function, by the broad masses of customers. Formaldehyde-free + insect (moth) plywood has entered the National more than 1500 stores, sales in 2012 ranked the leading domestic. According to market feedback, the product quality is stable, the technical indicators better than similar domestic products, to consumers to safety, health, environmental protection, green home life.