CUZI Plywood workshop management system

In order to expand the production scale, ensure plywood product quality and production safety, and improve the company's efficiency, the following management systems are specially formulated:

Under the leadership of the workshop director, all employees must respect the rules and regulations, obey the management, strengthen technical training and safety education, establish the idea of "safety first, prevention first", ensure equipment safety and personal safety, on time, quality assurance, complete production tasks, strengthen equipment management, do a good job in equipment repair and maintenance, and keep equipment in normal operation at any time.

Ⅰ. Rotary cutting section

1. The material should be accurate, first segment, then break the wood, both ends are flat (the slope is not more than 3 cm), the straight material is better to be the plywood or the middle panel, and the large camber is broken into 1m or 0.5m. If 2 meters of good material are found to be broken into small sizes, the operator will be fined 10 yuan each time.

2. Under normal circumstances, ensure the supply of wood for the broken wood personnel, and do a good job in the maintenance of the chainsaw. The production veneer specifications are as follows:

Panel: length 1900mm, width: 1000mm, thickness: 1.0--1.6mm

Adhesive board: length 960mm, width 480mm, thickness: 2.2--2.3mm

3. The quality of the veneer requires a smooth, beautiful surface, no knife marks, no delamination, no bark, no big and small heads, and the diagonal error of the panel does not exceed 2cm. Sorting and stacking, the thickness is consistent. Violators will be fined 10-20 yuan each time.

4. Adjust the height of the knife and the door of the knife, and check the thickness of the veneer. If the thickness is uneven, adjust it immediately. Violators will be fined 10-20 yuan each time.

5. Carefully check and save money. If a usable veneer is found in the discarded waste, a fine of 20-30 yuan will be imposed each time.

Ⅱ. Baking board and drying board section

1. Strict process control, make full use of the existing drying site, and use the drying rack. Give full play to the natural advantages, drying more boards, less baking boards, and reducing costs.

2. For the glued board, the dry humidity of the core board is below 14 degrees, and the dry humidity of the panel is below 18 degrees. The drying board should be careful and careful to avoid damage. The recovered panels should be stacked neatly, the reported output should be realistic, and the weather should be harvested in time.

3. Pay attention to safety when baking, observe the dryness and humidity, so as not to cause fire due to excessive drying. Violators of the above regulations will be fined 10-30 yuan each time.

Ⅲ. Gluing section

1. The use of glue and veneer depends on the time and date. Use it in sequence. The veneer should be cooled without warming your hands. The glue should be mixed with flour according to the glue concentration and weather changes and mix well. Violators will be fined 10-20 yuan for the workshop.

2. The gluing workers are specially responsible, no gloves are allowed, and they go to work half an hour in advance. The glue amount is 300-320 grams per square. It is strictly forbidden for others to glue glue. Violators will be fined 10-20 yuan for the workshop.

3. When stringing glue, choose the veneer with uneven thickness and short length, have a high sense of responsibility, and do not leave the post without authorization. Violators will be fined 10-20 yuan for the workshop.

Ⅳ. The board section

1. When arranging the panels, the principle of "aligning one side and one end" should be implemented layer by layer. Strictly control the overlapping of offset plates and core plates, but no small holes and large materials or large holes and small materials are allowed. 10 yuan for each violation.

2. Severely uneven veneers must be picked out, and the edge strips must not be placed in the middle of the slab. After arranging, write the job number. After picking, there will be staggered layers, multiple layers, few layers, short cores, and stacked cores. , high core, cannot be repaired, etc. Violators will be fined 10 yuan per piece per item.

3. The board layout workers must work together, not to grab the glue board and the board core, and the veneer after the glue must be completed on duty.

Ⅴ. Hot pressing section

1. The hot-pressing worker must abide by the hot-pressing process and operating procedures, check whether the mechanical equipment is normal, add air to heat up after it is normal, open the exhaust valve to drain the cold water, and observe whether the temperature of the laminate is uniform. When the temperature rises to the required temperature, it can be pressed to work.

2. The temperature is controlled at 110-120 degrees. If the temperature is too high, the glue will open and bubbling. If the temperature is too low, the curing degree of the glue will decrease. Violators will be fined 20-30 yuan each time.

3. The hot pressing time is 16 minutes. The slab with high moisture content should be appropriately extended, and the sub-range should be reduced. Before pressing, check whether the number of slab layers is equal, and there are multiple layers and few layers. Violators will be deducted 1 yuan per piece, and the finished product will be deducted 20 yuan per piece.

Ⅵ. Saw edge section

1. According to the plywood company's regulations (national standard) specifications: length 1.83cm, width 0.915cm, tolerance 1mm, diagonal 1mm, the four sides are smooth and flat, and the straight line right angle has no skew.

2. Because the plywood surface is skewed or part of the level is displaced, the operator must put the board aside. If the edge is cut without authorization, it will be treated as a saw blank, and a fine of 10-20 yuan will be imposed each time.

3. The qualified rate of sawing is 99%, the excess part will be rewarded with 5 yuan per piece, and the sawed edge will be deducted 5 yuan per piece.

4. Saw 3-4 pieces each time, check whether the diagonal line and size match. The finished plywood products are pulled to the warehouse, and every 100 pieces are piled up neatly.

Ⅶ. Quality inspection work

1. The quality inspector must accurately judge, open the glue, bubbling, high core and stacked core products, and must not recharge the product in a shoddy manner, and clean the four sides and polish it smoothly. The qualified rate of the product reaches 99.9%.

2. The finished products are neatly stacked, 100 pieces per stack, and the inspector truthfully fills in the acceptance form of the product on the day. All the above sections must be cleaned and sanitized carefully after get off work every day, the machinery and equipment must be turned off, and the roads must be kept clear. It is necessary to earnestly abide by the process requirements and quality control procedures of each section, complete the production, safety and quality tasks assigned by the company.

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