Natural plywood

we are plywood manufacturer in china with wide range of products include natural plywood.

Product Description

Grade :   F/F ,  F/W ,  W/W ,

Glue type :   Phenol-formaldehyde (WBP), Melamine (Urea-melamine-formaldehyde)

Film Weight : 120 g/m² – 400 rotations according to Taber test (EN 438-2)

                        220 g/m² – 750 rotations according to Taber test (EN 438-2)

Film Color :   DBO – Dark Brown Opaque.Black,Yellow,Red, Different colors and film weights are available on request.

Density :  500 – 700 kg/m³



· ISO 9000 Management System Certificate

· CARB (California Air Resources Board)

· EN-13986 CE-Mark

· Certificates of FSC conformance

· Certificates of origin GSP Form A


 The Application of natural plywood:

1. Outdoor such as construction structural, formwork panel, wall and roof application, beneath flooring, subfloor decking, hoarding, partition, etc.

2. Indoor such as furniture decoration, interior decoration, cabinet, table, chair, ceiling, panelling, flooring liner, bed and sofa frame, etc

3. Vehicle and watercraft manufacture