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Birch Plywood is a kind of artificial board, which is commonly used for furniture materials. A group of veneer is usually formed by gluing the wood grain directions of adjacent layers perpendicular to each other. Usually, the surface plate and the inner layer are symmetrically arranged on both sides of the center layer or the core. It is made of slabs made of glued veneers criss-crossed according to the direction of the wood grain, and pressed under the condition of heating or not.

Advantages of birch plywood sheet: The plywood construction layers of wood are glued together at right angles, which is its strength. This layered plant resists warping, cracking, and twisting, making it ideal for construction. 

Disadvantages of birch veneer plywood: The delamination effect of plywood makes it porous and water damaged over time if exposed. When plywood becomes heavy and damp, it should be wrapped to reduce the risk of water damage.