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flame retardant mdf is a man-made board made from thinning wood of limited wood resources, small-diameter wood, fast-growing wood, and comprehensive utilization of bamboo and other plant raw materials. Its main features and performance are:

1. The internal structure is uniform, the density is moderate, the dimensional stability is good, and deformation is small.

2. The physical and mechanical properties such as static bending strength, internal bonding strength, elastic modulus, board surface and board edge holding screw force are better than particleboard.

3. The surface is smooth, which is convenient for secondary processing. It can be pasted with rotary-cut veneer, sliced veneer, painted paper, impregnated paper, also can be directly painted or printed for decoration.

4. The flame retardant mdf has a larger size, and the thickness of the board can also be changed in the range of 2.0 to 35mm, and the production can be organized according to different purposes.

5. Good machining performance, sawing, drilling, tenoning, groove milling, sanding and other processing properties are similar to wood, and some are even better than wood.

6. It is easy to carve and mill into furniture parts of various profiles and shapes, and the processed special-shaped edges can be directly painted without sealing the edges.

7. Chemicals such as water repellent, fire retardant and preservative can be added in the production process of refractory MDF to produce flame retardant MDF for special purposes.