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Oak veneer is typically a straw colored light tan-brown to a creamy beige light wheat color to a pink tone. oak veneer plywood is also a heavy, hard plywood with a strong durability rating and excellent wear resistance. There are several different grades of oak plywood, including white and Red oak. Both are easy to work with and stron, but white oak has a greater tendency to chip or splinter. white oak plywood has a tight grain with a medium to coarse texture, mostly straight grained and coarse textured, Used for furniture, flooring, interior joinery, and veneers. Not suitable exterior uses. red oak plywood is white to light brown and the heartwood is a pinkish reddish brown. The wood is it an open grain pattern, with versatile and durable with a coarse texture.


very attractive grain appearance

excellent wear resistance 

reduce the cost 

easy to work with and strong