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Advantages and disadvantages of pine plywood

1. Advantages: The pine plywood are all high-quality coniferous forest pine species. The growth rate of this pine is relatively strong, and the pine has not been pruned during the growth process, so it can also be seen after it is made into furniture. It has good moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, and it is also a relatively environmentally friendly material.

Pine wood furniture does not need to be processed too much, because the wood itself has its own texture, and the pine wood plank has a simple and generous shape, full and smooth lines, and the processing method with less carving is environmentally friendly and healthy, it looks more natural and beautiful. Going to another processing technology reduces the cost. After irregular maintenance, the service life is generally long, and the pine veneer plywood itself is very strong and not easy to damage. Of course, the quality of furniture made of pine plywood is also very good, and it has a longer life than ordinary plywood.

2. Disadvantages: The water in pine ecological wood is more, and this pine is easy to crack, so pine furniture must not be placed in a humid environment for a long time.